The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Churches

Importance of Going to Christian Gatherings

It’s a believe that is based on total loyalty of the Almighty God through Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit which is based on life, teaching and miracles performed by Jesus and they usually convene in Churches where they empower each other.

Christianity is taught in churches that they should repent their wrongdoers , publicly acknowledge Jesus as their savior, honor the ten commandment, that their is life after death where they will go and live in heaven with the Almighty God and that loving God should be the same as loving their neighbors.
Christians believe in personal relation with Jesus Christ as a friend who won’t leave them in times of need and wants where by His help will endure forever, an intimate relationship with Christ will definitely mean that they will receive favors from the Most High God who is the source of all good things.

Congregation is the family of any Christian whereby they identify their fellow members as brothers, sisters, fathers or moms and live with love and care according to the teachings of their holy book that is the Bible.

Even though connecting with God can be everywhere but attending church with other believers automatically creates that psychological and physical space between you and God than being in any other place and one can humble before Him and get his/her soul refreshed.

Its through the church where one is able to review his/her life and see how God has been faithful and how much gratitude one has been having despite of challenging of life and this helps one to change view of life.

A more sensible reason for why to attend church is that it connects one socially as during the service one is able to meet new people, make new friends especially if one has moved to a new town or a neighborhood and this is because most of the church people are friendly.

Church is the only place where one is able to experience a different state of different world still in the same place as it gives one some different kind of peace and calmness as it’s a holy place of worship and gives one a chance to focus his/her life and though this a mood of praying is set.

As everyone in the church is on the same page of faith guided by the bible and Christian beliefs, marrying a church-going spouse guarantees one a kind of faithfulness in marriage which will bring happiness than marrying a no-believer.

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